February 2nd–April 7th, 2022

Shinhama Tower with Views of the Teizan Canal   

Shinhama Tower was created so as to be able to offer commanding views of the Teizan Canal and the wetlands. Production was carried out remotely, as Kawamata was once again prevented from visiting Japan with the pandemic still in effect. Detailed instructions were provided from Paris. Progress was slow in coordinating the location of the work, with production commencing in March. The Shinhama Tower unveiling ceremony, held in April, brought local residents, the mayor, and related parties together for the first time in many months.

Tape cutting by figures including Sendai City Mayor Kazuko Kori, the mayors of Wakabayashi and Miyagino wards, and the chairman of the neighborhood association. Kawamata was unable to be in Japan at the time, but sent a voice message.

Located along the Sendai Watari Cycling Road, you can enjoy the ever-changing scenery along the Teizan Canal

View of the Teizan Canal from the top of the tower


Sunahara, Okada, Miyagino Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Along the Sendai Watari Cycling Road on the south side of the Seaside Forest 



The tower’s maximum capacity is 5 persons.
Using fire is strictly prohibited.
Watch your step.
Please take your trash with you.
Children must be accompanied by adult.