Sendai In Progress is unfolding in the Miyagino and Wakabayashi Wards of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, located on the coast of Honshu island, about 300 km northeast of Tokyo. Traveling from Tokyo to see the works produced in this project, Sendai can be reached in about 90 minutes on the Shinkansen. From Sendai station, travel a further 40 minutes by car or approximately an hour on the subway and bus.

Transport options in the area around Sendai In Progress

On foot/by bicycle:

Many of the works are located along the Teizan Canal, so we recommend using the Sendai Watari Cycling Road (Prefectural Route 277), which runs parallel to the canal. Bicycles can be rented at Kaigan Park Center House in Arahama. Prefectural Route 277 is a bicycle and pedestrian-only road. Please give consideration to pedestrians when riding a bicycle here. (Link for Kaigan Park Center House: )

By car:

Areas mentioned in this document can be accessed from the Tobu Fukko Road. To visit works in the Shinhama area, we recommend leaving your car in the parking lot in the Okada section of Kaigan Park and moving around on foot.