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September 28st, 2023 

・This website presents Sendai in Progress, a part of the Sendai Art Node Project (abbrev. art node), run by sendai mediatheque (Sendai Cultural Foundation).

Copyright: sendai mediatheque. All Rights Reserved.

Photography: ITO Toru, SAGA Michihiro, WATANABE Hirokazu

Translation: Communa Inc. , Penguin Translation

Grant: Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation(2023)

・The content on this website reproduces edited selections from KAWAMATA TADASHI SENDAI IN PROGRESS 2016–2020 (published by sendai mediatheque, 2020) and Quarterly Machiryoku, vol. 36 (published by Sendai Cultural Foundation, 2019)

・The information on this website may be updated from time to time.

Photography:ITO Toru, SAGA Michihiro, WATANABE Hirokazu

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