August 4th–11th, 2017

Working toward the Production of Bridge for All        

Led by Kawamata, the production team and students from France made their first Shinhama site visit. Working toward to the production of Bridge for All, they investigated the Teizan Canal, engaged in exchanges with local residents, and held workshops to conceptualize the bridge. These all created momentum for the production that was to come. 

Measurements made at the Teizan Canal in order to develop a concrete plan of Bridge for All

Workshop with elementary school students at Okada Children's Hall

Sharing the concept of Bridge for All with people in the community

Workshop with students at Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka University Photo: Nicolas Courgeon

Kawamata and the students held a gathering at Home for All in Shinhama, which helped deepen their relationship with the people living in the area

At a public meeting at sendai mediatheque, a discussion was held on Bridge for All. Frank opinions from a range of perspectives were expressed