August 7th–11th, 2023

New developments in Ido, Wakabayashi Ward

For the first time, we expanded our activity area to the Ido district of Wakabayashi Ward. We decided to create the “Idohama Pergola,” “Table,” and “Bench” based on research on the current situation in the Ido area as well as on input from current and former residents about the absence of places to rest since the disaster. On Sunday, August 11, a bench-building workshop was held at the second Ido Mini Marche, an event that the Ido Neighborhood Association, the Ido Town Development Promotion Committee, and the Ido Executive Association sponsored.

Listening to stories from and discussing possibilities with those connected to the Ido area.

Gathering around a piece of land that had become difficult to use since the disaster and that had been conspicuously left as-is.

Local construction companies participated in the building process.

Considering the benches’ shape and sturdiness.

Wood-branding the new Sendai in Progress logo onto the benches.

Current and former residents take a quick break at the benches, set up at nine locations in the district.

A bench installed on top of the remains of a house’s foundations left from the disaster.

Within an hour, all the materials for the 30 benches were used.